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    New Installations

    Before deciding about the purifier or softener or any other products, our technicians will meet the customer to check the daily water usage, and parameters (like TDS, Hardness, etc) to suggest a purifier that is suitable for you.

    Maintenance of existing plants

    Are you looking for a reliable service provider for your existing purifier plant? We visit the plants at regular intervals and ensure your purifier is in good health. Our technicians are just a call away.

    Payment plans

    We have flexible and attractive payment plants according to our customers convenience.


    Why owing a RO purifier plant is it better buying water cans ?

    RO plant wins over buying water cans due to cost effectiveness  and purity trustworthiness.

    The origin or purity of water bought by your local water supplier is dubious at times especially during summer. The un hygienic water from contaminated sources can spread water borne diseases to your customers and staff. Depending on water cans is as good as letting others decide the future of your business.  A big advantage of installing commercial water purifier is that you always get access to clean and tasty water. In addition you save money since don’t need to keep buying water bottles.

    What is the minimum infrastructure needed for installing RO plant?

    The Industrial RO plants come in various capacities. A 500 LPH RO plant can be installed in area of 300 to 350 sq. ft.

    The location of RO plant is chosen wisely. It should be a place with minimum possible distance from electric connection. prefrably dry place with relatively less humid conditions and a reachable location which is approachable to all.

    Is there water wastage in RO plant?

    There is water wastage in RO plant since the RO membrane filtering out the impure high TDS water. Though this water is unfit for drinking or bathing, it surely can be utilized for many other purposes. Here are few ways of re-using the filtered output water.

    1. Mopping and cleaning floors

    2. To water your garden

    3. Wash utensils

    4. Clean washrooms

    5. Use it for your water coolers

    What maintenance is needed for RO plant and how much to spend?

    The major maintenance is periodic service which involves replacement and cleaning the filters and membrane every 6-8 months. There are a number of filters that must be adjusted at a specific time interval.

    The filters replacement is an easy task and costs not more than 300 to 400 rupees.